Friday, January 24, 2014

Friday Five: Five Fun Ways to Spruce up Your Dorm

Happy Friday, Mounties! I hope you all had a great first week of school and enjoyed your classes as much as I enjoyed mine. For the first Friday Five post, I thought it'd be fun to feature one of the new dorm rooms in Spruce Residence Hall and show some ideas on how to "spruce" up your dorm room. 

Erica Henry, freshman, was lovely enough to let me take pictures of her dorm and I have to say, hands down one of the cutest dorms I've seen in person. Take these pictures with a grain of salt because they definitely don't do her room the justice it deserves.

FYI: The titles of the items below are linked to a website where you can find the exact item or something similar. 

This shelf was the first thing I noticed when I walked into Erica's room. I can imagine that no matter where you decide to attend college, dorms will typically be a smaller size than your room at home. Space is hard to come by in a dorm room and this shelf barely takes up any and stores quite a bit of stuff. Unless you selected one of the suites in Spruce, your bed will normally act as not only a bed but your couch as well. With not having a ton of room for a nightstand, this shelf serves as one and has a few other bonuses (cup holder, holds 180 lbs, easy assembly). 

The Dorm Space Saver is unfortunately sold out online from Bed Bath & Beyond, so you'll have to go the actual store and see if they have any in stock or search for a similar product online.

These wall decals added a special touch to the room! A lot of the dorm rooms I've seen have white walls, which is practical because not everyone can live in a space that's painted neon green or fuchsia, but white can make the room look boring. Mostly everything in Erica's room is either black, white, or purple, so these decals not only added something special, but they turned the walls into something else that matched that color scheme. 

These wall decals are from Kmart and are only $13.99. They have others on their website but I've seen wall decals everywhere (online and in stores) so they're cheap, easy to find, and easily help to spruce up a dorm.

I know this item might be aimed more towards the female demographic but I couldn't not mention it. Some girls, like myself, have a lot of jewelry. Jewelry takes up space... which we don't have a lot of in dorms. It doesn't have to, though. I have a jewelry tree myself and it holds so, so much. Not only does it store a lot of your jewelry, it's an added decoration! 

I couldn't find the jewelry tree in silver online but I did find black and white which I think adds the same touch.

These shelves are tall, take up very little space, and hold a lot of clothes, shoes, etc. They go with the black, white, and purple color scheme that Erica has in her room and as you can see, can be used to hang stuff over as well. Even though I don't live in a dorm anymore, I'm seriously considering getting some of these shelves when I graduate to put in an apartment.

I couldn't find the exact shelves Erica has but there are similar sets in different colors that you can find online.

Matching bathroom:

Even though this last picture isn't one single item, it's still a cheap and great way to spruce up your dorm. Instead of using the white shower curtain that is provided for you when you move into Spruce, invest in a shower curtain to match your rug and towels. It pulls a very boring, white room into a fun and aesthetically pleasing bathroom.

I personally suggest looking on because you can sort the shower curtains by color which makes it incredibly easy to match other bathroom accessories to it.

I hope you found these items and tips helpful! Feel free to share any items or tips you have for how to spruce up a dorm room in the comments below. Enjoy your weekend!

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