Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What's Happening Wednesday: Mounties Take on Spruce Residence Hall

Happy Hump-Day, Mounties! Hope you're all having a great first week! 

If some of you haven't heard (which I'm sure you did) Spruce Residence Hall finally opened up its doors this week so Mounties can move in. After waiting patiently last semester for these luxury dorms to open, on January 18, Mounties finally started migrating down the hill from Laurel and Maple and settled in. Since I don't live on campus and the security is pretty tight, I was lucky enough to have a few friends show me around the residence hall so I can let everyone else that hasn't seen it sneak a few peeks.

(Karl Szymanski braving the chilly weather to finish moving into Spruce)

Now I'm not saying the older dorms like Maple and Laurel are bad, because they definitely weren't! I spent 2 years in the older dorms and gained some of the best memories from Mansfield in there. But these new dorms... they really are luxurious, just as promised. 

"One of the things I'm most excited for is to only share a bathroom with my roommate and not a whole floor," said Karl Szymanski, freshman. 

While I can imagine how excited I would be as a freshman to move into these dorms, I have to say that sharing a bathroom with a whole floor had its perks! It gave us a reason to interact with other residents on our floor because we'd run into them when we were brushing our teeth, washing our face, etc. However, I doubt the residents of Spruce will have any issues with interaction when there are so many cool features in their new dorm!

(Multi-Purpose Room)

One of the best features (in my opinion) in Spruce is the Multi-Purpose Room. The Multi-Purpose room is this huge room with tons of couches and chairs and two touch screen TVs. I know you might be thinking how hard it might be to hear if there are two TVs so close to each other, but there's a divider to separate the one large room into two smaller (but still pretty large) rooms.


(Dining area in Kitchen)

While I can usually always go for a BBQ Chicken Wrap from Jazzman's or Fear Fries from Lower Manser, the student heart typically craves recipes from home and that shouldn't be a problem when you have a brand new kitchen like the one above. Also, whether or not you're used to eating dinner with the TV on, you have the option for it in Spruce which I thought was pretty convenient.

(Recreation Room)

The last main floor room I'm going to show is the Recreation Room. The older dorms had something like this... but not really. The old dorms had a chilled out space that was easy to hang out in but these new rooms are pretty large and sweet. There's tons of seating, so if you're not playing pool you can chill out in the same area to watch or you can just pay attention to the TV.  

I'm so jealous that Mansfield made all of these changes right when I'm about to graduate! I have to admit though, I'm pretty stoked for the fellow (younger) Mounties that get to experience these dorms and make tons of new memories in them. These are supposed to be the best years of our life after all (or so they say).

Keep up the hard work with classes and make sure to check back on Friday to find out Five Fun Ways to Spruce up Your Dorm!

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