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Mountie Monday: Kelsey Kaufmann Takes on NYC with VH1 Internship

Mountie Monday is a weekly feature that spotlights current students (AKA Mounties) utilizing their time at Mansfield University  to the best of their ability. Mounties are hard-working in so many different ways and Mountie Monday is a way to show off what is possible at Mansfield... which is pretty much anything.

For the first ever post of The Mountie Guide, I really wanted to capture the reader's attention with a crazy, awesome Mountie Monday post. Who would make for a better Mountie Monday than a current student that's interning in New York City for VH1

Just last semester, Kelsey Kaufmann had been looking for an internship with a major TV company and knew she wanted to escape her comfort zone of Mansfield and conquer a bigger city. After talking with her academic adviser about potential internship possibilities, he took it upon himself to contact one of Mansfield's alumni that has worked with both VH1 and MTV.

After Kelsey's adviser told her to get in contact with the alumni, she sent him her resume and crossed her fingers, hoping for the best outcome possible. Kelsey made sure to keep in contact with the alumni, even if she was unsure of the outcome, just to make sure she was staying up to date with any important information. 

After a few weeks, Kelsey started receiving emails from Viacom's (owns VH1 and MTV) human resource department about interviews and the next steps towards getting this internship. After some nervous but casual interviews, Kelsey received a thrilling email that told her VH1 was offering her an internship in New York City for the Spring 2014 semester.

Kelsey started her internship today with VH1's entertainment news department where she will get to help with interviews and news segments. She's extremely excited and hopes to be able to sit in on some exciting interviews, news segments, and gain a better knowledge of the TV world. 

Good luck, Kelsey! Make Mansfield proud!

Name: Kelsey Kaufmann

Year: Senior

Major: Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast and Journalism

Hometown: Tioga, PA

Organization(s): MUTV (positions held: main news anchor, script writer, president)

What made you choose Mansfield?

Kelsey: I chose Mansfield for a few reasons.  I was nervous to leave home and go far away after college because my Dad had passed away during my junior year and I couldn't imagine being far away from my Mom, and Tioga is only about 15 minutes away so I knew I would be close to her.  I also knew a lot of people that went to Mansfield because I would come up my senior year and hang out with them. Mansfield also gave me the ability to go in undeclared (which I did) and let me figure out what I wanted to do with my life. I liked the small class sizes and many people told me that you could create good relationships with professors so I really liked that.

Who's your favorite professor or class?

Kelsey: I think my favorite professor would have to be Dr. Lucas, even though she isn't here anymore.  She was one teacher that really sat down with me and would help me out step by step with things.  I'm sure other teachers would do the same but she really took time out of her schedule to let her students know that she wanted them to succeed.  I only had Communication Theory with her but my experience in that class was amazing because she was such a phenomenal teacher.  She taught in a way that was simple and easy to understand.  She was easy to make jokes with but at the same time she was stern so you knew not to slack off.  I have also had side conversations with Dr. Lucas where she would pull me aside and talk to me about MUTV and let me know that she thought I was doing a great job and she would give me advice on other things in my life.  She was more than just a professor, that's for sure!

What's your favorite event at Mansfield?

Kelsey: Can I say Com (Communication) Day? Is that being biased? Other than that, I would have to say Homecoming with the football game.  The whole weekend is well put together and it gives students a lot to do.  There is the parade, the football game, and most likely a dance at The Hut.  The football especially brings people together.  

What's one of your favorite memories from Mansfield?

Kelsey: This is kind of a long shot but my favorite memory would have to be being a part of the Communications department and being so involved.  I don't know if that is one memory. I mean, there are a lot of different memories I have with the department but a lot of my best memories are with the department.  Com Day, going to New York City, my classes, the friendships I have made.  Being in the Com department has led me to making great friends that I probably wouldn't have made before and having great connections with professors and alumni.  When you care so much about your department it allows you to really enhance your college experience.  Without the department I wouldn't have been able to make half of the memories I have made.

Do you have any tips for freshmen?

Kelsey: GET INVOLVED!!!  You aren't going to make any friends sitting in your room playing Xbox all day. You can only learn so much in the classroom and by getting involved you really expand your knowledge on so many levels.  Whether its an organization in your department, SGA (Student Government Association), or just something you have an interest for. It is so important to get involved.  When you graduate you want to be able to look back and be like "Yeah, I did something fulfilling and important during my time in school.  I didn't just go to class and meet the bare minimum, I went above and beyond and pushed myself."  Getting involved is my biggest tip!  Also, go to class! Stay organized, and at the end of the day, have fun, meet new people, and try new things.  College could be the best years of your life... you just have to make it worth it.

If you think you know someone (even if it's yourself!) that would be a good fit for Mountie Monday, please send an email to with the (1.) student's name, (2.) contact information, and (3.) reasons why they should be featured on Mountie Monday. 

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