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Mountie Monday: Kelsie Harman Becomes a Published Author

Mountie Monday is a weekly feature that spotlights current students (AKA Mounties) utilizing their time at Mansfield University  to the best of their ability. Mounties are hard-working in so many different ways and Mountie Monday is a way to show off what is possible at Mansfield... which is pretty much anything.

Happy Monday, Mounties! 

For this week's Mountie Monday, I decided to feature someone that has some pretty impressive news under her belt. Kelsie Harman is a soon-to-be published author. It's crazy enough that a student at Mansfield is getting a book published but what's even crazier... she's only a sophomore!

Kelsie spent the summer writing and querying agents since you typically need an agent to land a contract with the well-known publishing companies. After getting frustrated and discouraged from the slow moving process, Kelsie decided to check out some independent (indie) publishers. 

After submitting some work to some indie publishing companies, Kelsie received an email from Crescent Moon Press asking for her full manuscript. As time went on, they offered her a contract on Thanksgiving, which was extremely exciting for her and her family. Kelsie recently started working with an editor and chatting with other authors from the same company, who have all been extremely supportive.

About the book:

Finn, finds out she is a genie and sort of takes things into her own hands to find her lamp. In a way, she has been rehabilitated into a world where all these magical things exist, so she depends on a lot of other people, namely the Grim Reaper, to help her navigate the new territory. As she learns more about where she came from, she learns, just like a lot of people in similar situations, that magic definitely comes with a price.

Name: Kelsie Harman

Year: Sophomore

Major: Sports Nutrition but switching to English with a Creative Writing minor

Hometown: York, PA

Organization(s): Zeta Tau Alpha (Academic Achievement Chairman

What made you choose Mansfield?

Kelsie: I originally chose Mansfield because they have a sport's nutrition major and a creative writing minor, which was very important to me. When I visited the campus, I just sort of fell in love with it.

Who's your favorite professor or what's your favorite class?

Kelsie: Ms. Clark, who taught my food science class. She's so personable and passionate about what she does, it's very hard to be in a bad mood during her class. I learned so much about how different aspects of food resulted in the final product and how all the processed food gets to us today. I really feel like it's
information everyone should be exposed to. It's pretty eye opening once you know what you're putting in your mouth.

What's your favorite event at Mansfield? 

Kelsie: I love Greek Week. We all work so hard in school, the community, and for our respective philanthropies, so it's nice to have something just for us. It definitely helps promote sisterhood in ZTA as well as good relations with the rest of Greek Life. I'm not one for sports, but utilizing different strengths in the different  competitions is one of the things I love about it.

What's one of your favorite memories from Mansfield?

Kelsie: I think it was the second week of my freshman year. It had been raining all day, and I was in my dorm studying. All of a sudden my RA just burst in my room yelling at me to go mud sliding. My entire floor went behind Kelchner, basically in the middle of the night, and after I went right back to studying. I just remember thinking, okay, this is college, this is what happens. One minute you're studying, the next you're up to your arm pits in mud without really knowing how it happened. That was the beginning of what I love about being at Mansfield; the spontaneity. You never know what's coming next.

Do you have any tips for for future writers?

Kelsie: My biggest is always, always, always believe in your ability and your story, because chances are, at one point or another no one else is going to... and who is left to defend it if not you? So many writers have gone through mountains of rejection. Actually, it's kind of really weird not to. You'd be a kind of anomaly in the writing world if you didn't. Don't let one bad review deter you, it's all part of the process. In general,     trust your instincts; you have them for a reason. Don't take the advice if you feel it's detrimental to the story. It's okay to push back once in awhile. Half the job is getting other people's voices out of your head long enough to let your story take you where you need to go, and I honestly believe that it will.

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