Friday, March 28, 2014

Five Universities to Study Abroad at via M.U.

TGIF, Mounties! If you couldn't tell, there's kind of a theme going on this week with the whole traveling to other countries and what not posts. I like to think of myself as a travel junkie and take every (affordable) opportunity I can get. The only affordable opportunity that I never took advantage of was studying abroad via M.U. It's probably one of the only decisions in my life that I regret but if I had the chance to change my decision, here's a few of the universities I would consider going to:

 (Borrowed from

 (Borrowed from Wikipedia)

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 (Borrowed from John Carroll University)

(Borrowed from Chelis Education)

University of Ulster (UK)

Thanks to Dr. Oyallon for the information! Check out more of the universities available HERE.


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