Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Les Misérables: A Review

I wasn't sure if I should write a review of Mansfield University's Production of Les Misérables or not because unfortunately, they're done performing it now! So, with that said, I hope everyone got to see it! If you didn't, my review might cause you to regret your decision. That was my warning.

When I was headed to see Les Mis on Friday night, I had somewhat high expectations. M.U. is extremely well-known for its music program and the talented students in it so I knew it would be worth seeing. Even though I had somewhat high expectations, I've seen a few Broadway musicals and the Les Mis movie in the past so I had a feeling they wouldn't be able to come close to that. Even though I'm kind of a prideful person, here I am admitting: I. Was. Wrong.

I was completely blown away by the performances given by these students that I'm proud to call my fellow Mounties. If you're anything like me, you tend to forget about the amazingly-gifted musicians in the pit. Even though the music is amazing, it's hard to remember because they're hidden! Typically, I do forget about this group of people. However, since I knew someone in the pit, I made sure to pay special attention to them. I'm pleased to say that they were my favorite part of the show. The music was breathtaking and gave me chills. I don't know how else to explain it except tell you that I would be willing to sit in the auditorium for hours, close my eyes, and let the music absorb me.

My second favorite part of the show was watching a bunch of students that I know and recognize from campus showing off their amazing voices! My neighbor, fellow Greeks, and co-workers shocked me with their talents. I almost felt like I was watching a movie and wanted to tell my friends, "I KNOW THEM!", but all of my friends knew them too... so that would've been awkward. I'm sure you get the point though! I'm so, so proud of not only everyone that I knew in Les Mis but also the students that I dont!

Let's talk about all of the feels that were felt during Les Mis. Yeah, the voices were incredible... but so was the acting! I'm not the type to cry in public... but I was definitely shedding a few tears by the end. If you saw Les Mis and said you didn't cry, even just tear up a little bit, I don't believe you. Simple as that. The leads in the M.U. Production of Les Mis were a better pick than the ones in the movie, in my opinion. Feel free to disagree, but I doubt you will. If you didn't see it, then you just have to take my (and others) word for it.

If you take anything away from this review, I hope it's to take advantage of these musicals that are performed on campus! They're free. They're incredible... and now that I'm a senior and ready to graduate, I'm extremely sad that I didn't take advantage of more in the past. Don't be surprised if you see me coming back to visit good ol' M.U. next year just so I can experience this again.

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