Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What's Happening Wednesday: Black History Month Dinner

BSU Executive Board 
(Photo credit: Jajhira Herbert)

Happy Hump Day, Mounties! On Sunday, March 2, Black Students Union hosted an official Black History Month Dinner in North Manser Dining Hall. The dinner was the perfect way for everyone to join together and recap on Black History Month. The goal of the dinner was to educate others on prominent black figures in society from both the past and present, inspire others to make a difference, stick together and be strong, and to inspire others to find their own path to success.

(Photo credit: Jajhira Herbet)

To start off the night, everyone at the dinner joined hands and recited the pledge (above). By reciting the pledge together, it built a sense of unity for the night that was about to unfold before them.

(Photo credit: Jajhira Herbert)

Before dinner, the BSU dance team, Soul Sophisticated, performed a tribute honoring both Josephine Baker and Beyonce. I saw a video of part of the tribute, and it was fantastic. It was so enjoyable to watch and wish I could have been there to see the whole thing!

(Photo credit: Jajhira Herbert)

After everyone was finished with their dinner, the keynote speaker, Darrick Rizzo, was introduced. Darrick Rizzo wrote The Open Adoption, a true story about how Rizzo was willing to give up his college career in order to raise his unborn son... until his girlfriend mentions open adoption. I haven't read the book, but if Rizzo is as good of a writer as he is a motivational speaker, I'm sure The Open Adoption is worth the read.

Thanks to my friends Marquise Rivers (BSU Treasurer) and Serena Chapman (BSU Vice President) for giving me all of the information I needed in order to write this post!

When asked "If you had to choose the most inspiring moment of the evening, what would it be?", Rivers replied, "The keynote speaker. After hearing how many obstacles he went through in life, it inspired me to stop complaining about anything happening in mine and do what I need to do to be successful."

After asking Chapman, "What do you hope others took away from the dinner?" She replied, "I hope that everyone walked away with a new insight and now understands the amount of dedication you need in life to be successful."

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