Monday, March 31, 2014

Mountie Monday: A Little Bit of Everything

Hey, Mounties! For this week's Mountie Monday, I thought I would feature a freshman since most of the MM posts are upperclassmen. Zach Rosetti is probably one of the most involved freshmen I've ever met. He's always running around campus to get to his next class, attend a meeting, or join another organization.

So far, Zach is really pleased with his experience at Mansfield! After personally getting to know his professors, the administration, fellow Greeks, and other Mounties, he's happy to say that he chose to join the Mountie Nation and wouldn't trade it for the world.

If you're a freshman, then you might know that the transition from high school to college can be a little shaky... but by getting involved and jumping out of your comfort zone, your transition will be a lot smoother. Also, he now has a lot of upperclassmen to look up to and use as resources, like Student Trustee, Zane Swanger and his big brother in SAE, Dan Cwieka.

When Zach first came to college, he did need to take a step back and take another look at reality. Even though it's great to get involved and have fun in college, he's learned the importance of studying and remaining focused. With the utilization of the Learning Center and Career Center, he's proud to admit that he's excelling in his classes and does around 18 hours of studying each week.

Keep up the great work, Zach! I'm excited to see what you do with the rest of your years at M.U.

Name: Zach Rossetti
Year: Freshman
Major: Liberal Studies... thinking about Music Education
Hometown: Carbondale, Pennsylvania

Organizations: Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Secretary of the Ping Pong Club, Treasurer of the Nerf Club, Mansfield University Mountie Ambassador

What made you choose Mansfield?

Zach: My high school band director was a Mansfield Graduate who encouraged me to visit the campus since I was aspiring to be a Music Ed. major. I visited campuses like Arcadia, and Penn State and thought they were a little larger than what I was looking for. I visited MU and fell in love with the place.

Favorite professor or class and why?

Zach: My favorite professor would have to be Dr. Monkelien. Dr. Monkelien, or as many of us like to call her mom, always goes out of her way if she sees a student struggling, I know this happened on more than one occasion for me while working with her on Les Miserables. She also makes sure to make every student feel at home and always lets us know that we belong at Mansfield University.

Favorite event at Mansfield and why?

Zach: My favorite event at Mansfield, would have to be Humans Vs. Zombies, (which happens to start April 11th this semester.)

Favorite memory from Mansfield: 

Zach: My favorite memory from Mansfield... again, another tough question. My favorite memory from Mansfield would have to be a tie between the applause during curtain call during the final performance of Les Miserables, and getting initiated into Sigma Alpha Epsilon. This group of guys always catch me off guard by living up to our creed and proving day by day that they actually are "True Gentlemen".

How do you balance all of your extracurricular activities AND classes?

Zach: Not going to lie, last semester my studies struggled and I was overwhelmed with all of the extracurricular activities I took on. This semester I cut a few of those activities out of my schedule and am using that time to write papers and study for exams in order to skip those all nighters.

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