Monday, March 3, 2014

Mountie Monday: The Eyes and Ears of M.U.

Bryan Mahosky is the eyes and ears of campus. As the Editor-in-chief of The Flashlight, Bryan is constantly up to date on what's happening at Mansfield and does a great job reporting it back to our university. Before Bryan was the writing for The Flashlight, he was studying Culinary Arts at Johnson and Wales University in Rhode Island. After deciding that Culinary Arts wasn't the right fit for him, he transferred to MU.

Since Bryan grew up in Wellsboro, only 20 minutes away from Mansfield, he decided to move back home and attend MU. After majoring in Public Relations, he decided that wasn't quite the fit for him either. Bryan was browsing the internet one night and came across a video of a man talking about "Gaming Journalism". Since he was a gamer ever since the toddler years, it made sense to him to pursue an education where he could eventually pursue a career in this "Gaming Journalism".

Bryan changed his major to Journalism and started writing for The Flashlight during his second semester so he could gain more hands-on experience... but he had no idea what he was getting himself into (in a good way, I hope!)

Bryan started out as Co-News Editor with Colton Long in the Fall of 2012 and after a few issues, moved onto being the Features Editor. After being the Features editor for almost a year, he took on the role of Editor-in-Chief in Fall 2014. After discovering some new interests, Bryan decided that he would like to write about politics and social issues when he graduates.

Name: Bryan Mahosky

Year: Senior

Major(s) and Minor(s): Mass Communication with a concentration in Journalism

Hometown: Wellsboro, PA

Organizations: Editor in Chief (Co-News Editor, Features Editor)

What made you choose Mansfield?

Bryan: I grew up in Wellsboro so MU was always close to home. I was originally interested in a communication degree after leaving Johnson & Wales, and it made sense to go here because my friends and family were in the area.

Favorite professor or class and why?

Bryan: I've had two classes that I've enjoyed more than any others while at MU. The first was Intro to Fiction Writing with Louise Sullivan-Blum. It was exciting to be able to write different fiction based on various prompts. My final project for that class, a 16 page short story, resembled something along the lines of Toy Story meets Tim Burton; it was dark and creepy and fun to write.

My other favorite class I've taken is Digital Photography with Martha Campbell. I went into this class knowing almost nothing about cameras or photography. I enjoyed being able to go out with a sexy new Canon camera and take pictures each week. My favorite photo I took was a black-and-white photo of my grandmother. I was able to have this class count as a related elective for my Journalism degree, and I would urge any other journalism students to consider the same.

My favorite professor on campus is Dr. Adrianne McEvoy. She has a teaching style that blends passion, intelligence, and humor that gets points and concepts across like no other professor I've seen.

Favorite event at Mansfield and why?

Bryan: I love the comedians we bring the university. The first event I attended here was Ron White (I had great seats!) I'm looking forward to seeing Aziz Ansari perform here soon, I'm a huge Parks and Recreation fan and his standup is great.

Favorite memory from Mansfield?

Bryan: My favorite memory from Mansfield University is last semester when the 80+ Mounties banded together to travel to Harrisburg to fight against the retrenchments. It was truly amazing to see our students and faculty storm the state capital building (peacefully and professionally stormed, of course) to lobby the state legislators to increase funding for higher education. I never would have expected college to offer experiences such as this.

What's one of your favorite parts about being Editor in Chief of the Flashlight?

Bryan: My favorite part about being editor-in-chief is that I'm able to learn skills that a classroom cannot replicate. Student organizations are an invaluable part to a student's learning experience; students who do not seek to improve their own education while at college are doing themselves a disservice. I am able to be the "watchdog" of the Student Government Association, be involved with the campus community, and regularly engage with hands-on activities that replicate tasks I may be performing upon graduation.

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