Saturday, April 5, 2014

Five Reasons Why the Career Center is Your Best Friend

(Borrowed from Career Center)

Even though college can be a ton of fun, some students (including myself) tend to forget the main reason why we're even here. The main point of college seems to be gaining an education that will help you score your dream job. This week, I decided to talk about the Career Center at Mansfield. The career center will be your best friend at some point in your college career but I highly suggest you check it out sooner rather than later!

  • Professional Clothes Closet
If you're stuck in a rut and can't fork out some cash to buy a suit for your interview, the Career Center has a closet that contains professional clothing of different styles and sizes. The Career Center understands that sometimes (meaning, a lot of the time) college students are broke. Suits are expensive but if you don't wear one for an important interview, it could be the difference between you and another candidate. Luckily, the Career Center is willing to help us out.

  • Resume Tips
A few weeks ago, I scheduled an appointment with Nichole Lefelhoc to make sure my resume was up to par. It wasn't. I know it can be depressing to get a paper back from a professor with a bunch of red marks all over it, especially if you worked really hard on it! This is how I first felt but then remembered that I wasn't being graded. Nichole was there to help me write the best resume that would catch all of the employers' eyes. What Nichole wrote down on the paper was things I would've never thought about... but made so much sense!

  • Mock Interview
Interviews terrify me. I'm not sure if they terrify you or not... but they should. Tough questions will most likely be asked during an interview and there is so much riding on them. Don't fret, though! The Career Center comes to save the day, once again! If you schedule an appointment for a mock interview, whoever is interviewing you will be alerted of the job you're interested in and will do their reseearch 

mock interview- practice.

  • Mountie Career Connection
One of my professors once told me that one of the best things about Mansfield is how alum are willing to help current students out and give back. The Mountie Career Connection is a resource for both students and alumni/employers to connect for internship and career opportunities. 

  • Additional Online Resources
The Career Center's website has so many online resources that I had no idea about! If you are starting to write your resume and want a few tips, then there are worksheets, step-by-step guides, and additional tips to help you out. Another interesting tab on the Career Center's website had information for life after college. This page has personal money management tips and salary & benefits information, and more. The resources provided on the Career Center's website is perfect if you just want some quick tips to save you a trip to Alumni!

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