Friday, April 18, 2014

Friday Five: Five FUN Classes to Take at MU

Hi, Mounties! For this week's Friday Five, a close friend and sorority sister, Kate, suggested that I write about FUN classes that MU offers. I thought this was the perfect idea, especially since everyone has been picking out their schedules for next semester. Maybe these suggestions will even help you decide between one class and another!

Even though there are technically only supposed to be five... I couldn't choose between two of my favorite English classes, so they both made the cut. I tried to mix the subjects up a little because I understand that not everyone wants to take 5 English classes before they graduate... and that is exactly what my list of fun classes would entail.

  • Digital Photography (ART-3330)
"A course designed for the non-art major using a hands-on approach to learning the digital camera in acquiring images, in preparing them on the computer for print and in presenting prints in various formats." (Borrowed from WebAdvisor)

I can personally say that this class is a fun time. I'm currently taking it and... I'm a little obsessed with the camera we get to use. Is it bad that I use the camera more for personal reasons rather than school-related reasons? Oh well. Anyway, other than learning how to use an awesome camera, I've also learned how to use Photoshop! I definitely have a lot more of Photoshop to learn but I would say that I'm fluent in the basics.

  • Monster Lit (2299)
"This course focuses on analyzing and understanding the significance of monsters in mythology, literature, and film using a variety of critical approaches." (Borrowed from WebAdvisor)

Here's another class that I've actually taken myself! Even though I'm kind of a book nerd, I can testify that others (non book nerds) have enjoyed this class as much as I did. The books used in this course are the classic, monster stories that almost everyone seems to enjoy. One of my favorite parts about this class was being able to watch the movie adaptions of the books we read in class. 
  • Young Adult Lit (3386)
"This course focuses on analyzing literature written for the young adult audience, with a focus on the characteristics of the genre, emerging themes, and contemporary trends." (Borrowed from WebAdvisor)

And again... another class I've taken! What a surprise. You know what else is surprising? That I chose another Lit class. Actually... that shouldn't be surprising at all, if you know me. Anyway, let me first just say that the day and time for this class sucks. Bad. It's on a Saturday morning and most of you, after reading this sentence, have decided not to take it just because of the day and time. But seriously, this class was amazing. Oh, and Veronica Roth (author of Divergent) knows about this class and totally approves. I met her twice at book conventions and I made sure to mention that I got to read Divergent for a class... which she thought was awesome.
  • Persuasion (4401)
"A study of the psychology of persuasion and its use in a free society, and propaganda and its effect on our daily living. Prepares the student to evaluate persuasive messages, to use persuasion effectively, and to appreciate the ethics of persuasion." (Borrowed from WebAdvisor)

And yet again... another class I've taken before! I took Persuasion last semester and loved it. In general, communication courses tend to be pretty fun just because they're very open for discussion and are also interactive. The best word I can use to describe this class is "intriguing". The information isn't isn't life-changing but it certainly explains a lot. How can you not like a class that teaches you how to get your way?

  • Psych Disorders (3391)
"Provides an introduction to the history of psychological disorders as well as an overview of the symptoms, causes, and treatments of psychological disorders. Emphasis is placed on the biopsychosocial model of psychological disorders." (Borrowed from WebAdvisor)

Surprise! I've actually taken all five of these classes! It makes sense to choose classes that I've actually taken... especially if I'm going to recommend them because they're fun, right? Psych Disorders was probably one of the easiest classes I took during my time at MU, but that's not why it was fun! I've always been a fan of movies like Girl, Interrupted and Black Swan, where the main character has some serious psychological issues. This class gave me a chance to explore a little beyond those movies and learn about the actual disorders. It was... enlightening, to say the least.

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