Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mountie Monday: MU Royalty

Hey, Mounties!

For this week's Mountie Monday, I chose to interview someone that is constantly leaving a lasting impression at MU. Kevonte McClain... Homecoming King, Captain of the basketball team, and student is someone that most Mounties have heard of by now.

I first met Kevonte during the Homecoming rehearsal and instantly felt comfortable with him. It was really nice to see such a popular athlete be supportive towards other candidates and humble about being nominated. While staying confident, Kevonte never seemed to be overly-confident about Homecoming and when they called his name as King, he was pleasantly surprised and grateful.

Name: Kevonte McClain

Year: Senior

Major: Philosophy (Pre-Law)


Organizations: Men's Basketball (Captain), SAAC

What made you choose Mansfield?

Kevonte: I came to MU because I earned a scholarship to play basketball. Coach Miller sold me on on MU and the players were cool when I came to visit.

Favorite professor or class and why? 

Kevonte: Johnathan Rothermel because I love his teaching style and the way his classes are set up.

Favorite event at Mansfield and why?

Kevonte: Spring Fling because there are so many activities available and they usually have a good concert set up.
Favorite memory from Mansfield:

Kevonte: That would have to be winning a PSAC championship during my freshman year.

What does the title of Homecoming King mean to you?

Kevonte: It means everything to me because I feel like all of the friends I've made since I've been here are continuously supporting me and showing me love.

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