Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Five: Five Things to Add to Your Mountie Bucket List

Graduation? In less than a month?...

After realizing that graduation is so, so close, I decided to come up with a bucket list (Mountie Edition). Some of these things I have completed and others I haven't... yet. Whether or not you're graduating in a few weeks, I hope this bucket list inspires you to complete something on it or make your own. Even though four years seems like a long time... it isn't. It goes by way too fast, so you better get started now! A huge thanks goes out to my co-workers and supervisors in Admissions for contributing to this list!

  1. Be the Mountie for a campus event
  2. Paint part of your body to show support for an athletic event
  3. Have your picture on
  4. Bake cookies with President Hendrick's lovely wife
  5. Visit the top floor of North Hall Library

Already completed the above? Check out these additional items to check off your list!
  • Audition for the musical
  • Join one club that is related to your major and one that is just for fun
  • Chill in a hammock on campus (bonus points: if you set it up near the president's house)
  • Dance your ass off at The Hut
  • Make friends outside of your major and clubs/organizations
  • Personally get to know a faculty/staff member
  • Network, network, network
  • Study abroad
  • Give a tour to prospective students
  • Accumulate enough (free) t-shirts for every day of the week
  • Spend the night in North Hall Library
  • Write an article for The Flashlight
  • Have flowers delivered to you during class [Valentine's Day ;-)]

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