Thursday, April 24, 2014

What's Happening Wednesday: Introducing the... Mountie Den

What's up, Mounties?! 

Last week, the Mansfield University Bookstore got a makeover. Well, the title and logo did, at least. From what I've heard, the actual bookstore will be receiving a makeover as well, soon enough! 

Every spring semester, a class called "Public Relations Workshop" is taught to (mostly) PR juniors/seniors. I've already taken this class and let me tell you... I've never worked so hard. This class gives PR majors an idea of what to expect when they enter the work force as a PR professional. For the class, you and your group (around four other students) are assigned to design a small campaign and plan an event for an actual business/organization.

Trevor Clark, Onyema Utti, Kate Younkin, Sally Reigle, and Quin Taylor were lucky enough to work with Connie from the campus bookstore. The main element (from my perspective) of their campaign was their decision to rename the bookstore. However, instead of just choosing a new name for the bookstore, they held a Twitter contest in order to let Mounties help decide what the new name of the bookstore would be.

After counting all of the votes from Twitter, the group hosted the Grand Unveiling Ceremony that was held right outside of Jazzman's Cafe. The whole event was incredibly professional and I was so impressed by all of the hard work that the group put into this class. I'm so happy for both the bookstore and the group for this successful campaign and can't wait to see what comes next for the Mountie Den.

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