Friday, February 21, 2014

Friday Five: Five Essential Items to Bring to MU with You

Happy Friday, Mounties! For this week's Friday Five, I figured I would provide you with some essential items to bring to college, if you don't already have them. Just from being a senior, I can attest to using all of these items multiple times and think a lot of you might as well!

Thanks to the lovely Sarah Ryan for being my model for this week's Friday Five post!

Business Casual: I can't tell you how much of an essential some business casual clothes are for not only Mansfield, but college in general. For presentations, most professors will expect you to dress professionally. This isn't high school anymore. Professors expect more out of you and dressing professionally, whether it be a pair of khakis and a nice shirt, or a well-tailored suit, will show your professors that you're serious about your college career.

Robe/Lounge Clothes: This essential may be obvious to some people, but I personally wear my robe almost every day. As soon as I get back from my classes, I change into comfy clothes so I can chill out and relax for a while as I do some homework. A robe is specifically helpful to me because even if I don't completely change my outfit, it instantly adds some comfort. Also, if you have a roommate and don't feel comfortable walking around with just a towel on after showering, a robe will be a great statement piece in your collection.

Mansfield Gear: If you go to Mansfield, then you have to have some Mountie pride. There are so many options at the Mansfield Bookstore for comfy, trendy Mountie gear and I highly suggest you grab some. Not only are the hoodies and sweatpants super comfy, they show others that you're a Mountie... which will instantly leave them with a great impression of you. 

Boots: If you're from PA, you know that when winter comes around the corner, streets tend to get kind of slushy and wet. I made the mistake during my freshman year to only bring some flats, sneakers, and heels, and I can't tell you how miserable I was walking across campus with soaked shoes/socks/feet. Even if you just pack a pair of rain boots, you'll be so happy you did.

Hats/Headwear: Hats aren't just essential for when it gets pretty chilly in PA, but they're so helpful when you have a bad hair day. Even if you're the type of student to wake up an hour before class to look nice, there will be moments when that hat saves your day. There will be moments when you're so tired from studying the night before that you hit the snooze button a few more times than you planned. Trust me on this one.

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