Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What's Happening Wednesday: MU Community Service Club Operates Snowflakes

(Thanks to Benjamin Rosenberger for the pictures!)

SNOW DAY! You know what that means, right? You get to sleep in, wear your pajamas all day, and watch Netflix until you realize it's already time for dinner. That was probably the case for most of us today... but not the Community Service Club. 

One of the community service opportunities that CSC offers is called Operation Snowflake. Operation Snowflake helps out members in the community that might not be able to shovel their snow for various reasons. This morning, while a lot of us were warm in bed, CSC ventured to some of the houses on their list and lent a helping hand.

CSC has around 20 addresses on their list and was prepared to shovel all of them. While some of the addresses had already been shoveled by the time they arrived, they made up for it by offering help anyone outside that was already shoveling.

These Mounties have a serious amount of motivation to help others. Sleeping in is something that college students take advantage of every chance they get. When asked about the motivation to wake up and shovel this morning, Kelsy Woodman, CSC secretary, said, "my motivation is to help others and it's great spending time with friends and making new ones within the club." After shoveling for a few hours, the members of CSC were treated to lunch and hot chocolate at President Hendrick's house.

If waking up early isn't your thing, CSC has a ton of opportunities to volunteer and make a difference. Make sure you LIKE their Facebook page to get updates and the minutes from their meetings and if you're interested in attending their meetings, they're on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in Alumni 307.

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