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Mountie Monday: In Whom We Trust

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Zane Swanger, Mansfield University's Student Trustee, found out about the position through his fraternity brother, Mark Phifer (past Student Trustee). After applying for the position, he was interviewed by a panel set up specifically by Mansfield University and also a panel set up by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education. The next step was to have his proposal of being student trustee approved by the PA State Governor, Tom Corbett. After being appointed as Mansfield University's Student Trustee by the governor, Zane was given the oath of office to serve as a representative to a state-appointed position. Zane will hold the position of Student Trustee until his graduation when a different student will replace him.

Currently, Zane is reaching out to as many students and organizations possible while attending regular Student Government Association meetings. He finds pride in being "the voice of the student body" and continues to work hard to serve his fellow student body of the university he came to love and cherish.

Zane's most recent example of being "the voice of the student body" is his attempt to cut the payment of student activity fees to the executive board members of Student Government Association. Quoting page 3 of The Flashlight, Volume 102, Issue 3 "Why does a student need to collect money from other students?" "In my fraternity, we say to always be your brothers keeper, we do not seek anything in return for the care or work we give. Should the executive board of SGA be our brothers keeper as well?" Recently, Zane talked to students around campus and found out that there are a large number of students that don't agree with SGA executive members being paid by student activity fees.

Name: Zane Swanger

Year: Junior

Major(s) and Minor(s): Dual Major (Political Science / Criminal Justice Administration)

Hometown: Lewistown, PA

Organizations: Student Trustee to the Mansfield University Council of Trustees; President of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pennsylvania Beta Phi Chapter.

What made you choose Mansfield?

Zane: I wanted to go to school in my home state (PA), and wanted to experience a different surrounding. The small school was a huge factor, I am a name and not just a number. The small classes and also the ability to know my professors and advisers on a personal level makes it feel like I am at home.

Favorite professor or class and why?

Zane: Favorite professor and adviser would be Dr. Bosworth. He has provided me with powerful tools that I will be able to use throughout my life and future career. Dr. Bosworth has kicked my butt into gear at times that I may have been slacking, and that definitely helped me take my college work more seriously.

Favorite event at Mansfield and why?

Zane: Foam-alicious Foam Party that was sponsored by SAE and funded by Student Activity Fees. This event was a blast because I assisted in setting it up, and everyone seemed to have a great time and is looking for it to happen again in the near future! It was also my favorite because my fraternity was the organization that presented the idea and made it all happen with assistance from SGA for funding the event using Student Activity Fees.

Favorite memory from Mansfield:

Zane: My favorite memory from Mansfield would be the experience I had during my first semester. The transition into graduating from high school and coming to college. I was a resident of the well known BroCrest (Cedarcrest) and the bonding that occurred on that floor was by far the greatest experience I have had at this University. I also learned the most important and inexpensive item to bring to campus.. a door stop. Having my door open was the fastest way to meet new people and to become social. (Use this for what you may haha).

What has been the best part of being student trustee, so far?

Zane: The best part of being the student trustee is that I serve as the eyes and ears of the entire student body. This comes with great responsibility, but at the same time I enjoy doing my part to serve the student body efficiently through any political and policy means that are relevant to my position. I am very approachable and enjoy hearing concerns from students so that I can bring awareness of their concerns to the council I serve on. I like to think of myself as a powerful resource for students, although my position is not very well known. I am working vigorously through social networks and one-on-one communications to increase the awareness of my position and show students just how much of an asset I can be to their concerns being heard and acted on.

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